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We promote your products, services and business in a way that makes them well known, well thought of, and in high demand.
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I want to launch my products or services in a big way
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brand value
I want to improve our marketing and increase sales
Sustained, ongoing demand is not created through hype or gimmicks.

Demand is created by tried and true methods of sharing your story with the right audience, and delivering what you promised to that audience.

We live in a world where everyone is clamoring for attention and, for the first time, almost everyone can connect. This presents an overwhelming flood of information. To succeed in this newly connected world, your message needs to be targeted to your specific audience, and presented in a clear, concise way.

At Melvin Media we specialize in formulating your message, identifying your ideal audience, and spreading the word. Whether its launching a new product, expanding your brand, increasing your profile, the process is the same, only the message and the audience change.

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Founder, Melvin Media 
Current Projects
Industry: Music Publishing
Our Role: PR & Marketing
Deal Type: Consulting & Royalties
Industry: Online Apps
Our Role: PR & Marketing
Deal Type: Consulting & JV
Link: exec.io
Industry: Property Investing (Australia)
Our Role: Marketing & PR
Deal Type: Equity
Link: mynia.com.au
Books & Publications
Our Role: Publisher

A marketing classic written almost 100 years ago, revisited and revitalized for today.
Our Role: Publisher

Teaching individuals and business owners how to manage their money and eliminate killer debt.
Our Role: Publisher

A story every business owner needs to read. A struggling entrepreneur's tale from tragedy to triumph.
Past Projects
Industry: Business Coaching
Our Role: Marketing & PR
Deal Type: Equity & JV

Results:  Complete rebranding with global reach, Increase mailing list from 2,500 to over 30,000.
Industry: Accounting (Australia)
Our Role:  Managing Director
Deal Type: Salary & Equity

Results: Grew from $2.5M to over $10M in 2 years.
Industry: Publications & Events (Australia)
Our Role:  Founder
Deal Type: Owner

Results: Published 3 best-selling books and grew from zero to $2.5M in 3 years.
Industry: Franchised Accounting Firm (Aust)
Our Role:  Founder
Deal Type: Owner

Results: First full-service cloud integration and business automation specialist for the accounting industry.
Industry: Franchised Building Inspections
Our Role:  Consultant / Chairman
Deal Type: Consulting & Equity

Results: Grew from a single-man operation to over 25 Licensees in 2 years.
Melvin.Media is a boutique Marketing and Publication firm.

We're based in Clearwater, Florida USA and help a select group of clients around the world. 

We can help you:

• Launch your products or services in a big way.
• Improve your brand value.
• Increase the effectiveness of your marketing and your sales.

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P. +1 727 667 7479 
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